Christmas is coming, and everybody loves to decorate when the festive season comes around. If you’re looking to be over the holiday period though, the décor in the homes you view could have a major effect on your decision. If you’re looking to sell, on the other hand, the trinkets you choose could be make or break for your chances of a quick sale.

Festive Christmas Tree in a white background

With this in mind, the experts over at have put together six tips on what to look out for this Christmas. If you’re buying, these tips could be a sign about how serious the seller is, while if you’re looking to sell, this is how to make your home as attractive as possible, while still getting into the festive spirit.


Perhaps unsurprisingly, huge, gaudy displays are out, while calm, neutral décor is the order of the day.


Six Christmas decoration tips for selling your home over the holidays:


Christmas tree in a dark lit roomStick to white lights - Coloured, flashing lights aren't everyone's preference, and whilst some like the spirit they bring, it can put people off. Avoid the bright, coloured flashing lights for your tree and for any area around and instead opt for a more tailored and sophisticated palette with white lights. This creates a more neutral, all-round aesthetic appealing to more.



Welcoming door wreath No exterior decorations - Avoid the large inflatable decorations or reindeer on the roof. Opt for white lights again if you want some festive cheer and keep it classy with a single welcoming door wreath or holly and ivy. Less is more when it comes to exterior decorations, especially if you have a for sale sign in the garden.




Cinnamon in a boxUse festive scents - There is something about the smells of cinnamon and mulled wine which is so welcoming. Use these to your advantage over Christmas viewings and try festive candles, oil burners or have something festive baking. A freshly brewed pumpkin spiced latte won't go amiss too. A real tree can also add an extra homey smell to your home for when viewers visit.




Living room Don't cover the beauty - Be mindful not to cover up any structure or feature in your home which may be of interest to potential buyers. This could be something as simple as an oak stair rail or the mantelpiece. Remember the mantra - less is more.




Christmas plant in a natural lightLight is everything - Natural light is essential for viewings, so make sure your decorating efforts don't block any natural light, for example your tree in the middle of a bay window. Try placing your holiday pride away from any windows, and if you must, make sure the natural light still flows in.




Two elf on the shelf figurinesNeighbourly love - Unfortunately it's not just your own decorations that can put buyers off, it's your neighbours too. Neighbours are a huge factor for people moving house, and to see loud and garish decorations next door could certainly put potential buyers off. If you know your neighbours well, perhaps just let them know you are trying to sell over the festive period and to be mindful of potential buyers.




Founder and CEO of Colby Short commented: “Selling your home over Christmas can be extremely difficult, as the market quietens down a bit with people enjoying the festive period and spending time with friends and family. However, just because there's festive cheer in the air, it doesn't stop people needing to sell properties - the property market is still very active. You can use the season to your advantage by using simple and stylish decorations to accentuate your properties interior. Use smells such as mulled wine or a burning log fire cinnamon or orange which create a homey and festive atmosphere.  Lighting a fire can also be a great way to invite viewers in on a cold winter's night, and showing them what a cosy night in could look like.


Be sure to have photos taken without Christmas decorations, as you don't want to date your property. Decorations can also skew how big your property is. If you are lucky to have high ceilings however, a tree is a great way to show off the space.


Some may want to postpone any viewings or meetings until after the season, especially if you are the type to go all out with the decorations, that way you can enjoy Christmas without the worry of potentially deterring buyers. If you know you will have extra noise and traffic from people driving by neighbours and any light displays too.


The reality is that potential buyers want to see how their potential house would look for the remaining 50 weeks of the year, but it doesn't mean you can't decorate! In fact, if you do it right, Christmas can be the perfect time to showcase warmth, character and charm of your property to prospective buyers”