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Interior Designer, Angelica Edwards-Marsh shares her tips on how to personalise your new home, from tiles and flooring to choosing accessories that bring out your individual style.

The Kitchen: Beautiful and versatile

The kitchen plays a key role in everyday life, so it’s important that the room is adaptable to your changing needs as your family live and grow. Strata’s open plan kitchen dining areas are the perfect space for modern lifestyles, and because they’re spacious and light you can be bold with personalisation.

Colour palettes: Go for a dark, dramatic colour choice in gloss finish if you want to make a statement. If a calm, relaxing space is your aim, choose subtle natural tones in a matt finish paired with similar colour floor tiles to make the space flow.

The bathroom image

The Bathroom: Your self-care sanctuary

A place for self-care, to relax and unwind and enjoy some time alone; your bathroom is your sanctuary. Whether you choose full height tiles for a spa-inspired feel or make a subtle statement with tiled areas against wallpaper or paint, the key is balancing the colour and texture to create a feeling of calm and serenity.

Strata’s innovative Bathroom Configurator allows you to see how colour and texture change the atmosphere of your bathroom in real time from all angles. You can play around to create your perfect space, scan the QR code to begin designing.

Tile tip: Size matters. The size of the tiles will impact the overall feel of the space. In smaller bathrooms, use large tiles with fewer grout lines to make the space feel more open.

Bedroom image

The Bedroom: Sleep, live, dream

Bedrooms are more than just a place to sleep. They’re your personal dressing area, your lazy Sunday morning retreat, a place to take a moment for yourself. Strata’s master bedrooms are spacious, meaning they can be zoned for different purposes. All have an ensuite and many home designs also feature dressing areas, making the bedroom a multifunctional room.

Built in wardrobes come as standard in most master bedrooms in Strata’s contemporary new homes and I love the choice of natural Scandi inspired finishes and modern gloss or mirrored options to choose from.

Zoning the room: Use furniture and layered floor coverings such as rugs to create zones within the room for different purposes. A relaxed chair and throw create a cosy reading corner, while a desk makes a perfect home working space.

For more interior inspiration and tips on how to personalise your home, you can find Angelica Edwards-Marsh on Instagram, @interiorsbystrata.